Full manual PES16 1v1 human player test (US demo)



  • Both players are playing full manual, but with direction guide turned ON and power bar ON, to show viewers what commands we used.
  • In this game, we did not use [] or X pressure much.  We gave each other space to play, to see what can be created, and to see if holes will develop in defense.
  • We have not played the demo a lot, so, sadly, we are bringing some old PES15 habits into the test.  We hope to have a fresh approach for the new game as time passes.

comments after playing:

  • Advance through ball has been mentioned a lot by those who have tried the demo of PES16.   Sometimes it works perfectly, sometimes it misses badly.   Many believe it is random.  I do not understand how to use it yet.
    My guess is, it only works when 3 things are correct:  “circle” guide placement, the power level, and the passing player’s body language?
    – perfect @2:00, @2:13, @7:14
    – failure @3:14, @6:18, @9:12, @12:27
    Is failure always because of too much power?  It seems that the advance through ball will miss the target, if power does not match the target distance.  If this is true, advance through ball will be more difficult this year.  Maybe this is a good change, I’m not sure yet.
  • Long shot is maybe too powerful and accurate @2:24,  air resistance should make the ball slower at the end.
  • “O” long ball for switching sides, is maybe too easy?  Ball finds player automatically, almost like assisted passing  @1:36  @8:30
  • @10:46 Marcelo forgot to take the ball.  Maybe I have too much of my old habits from PES15?  In PES15, this was automatic, Marcelo will be attracted to ball.  Maybe this is better, you can only collect ball if you understand where it is after the collision? (<– If this is true, I like it.  This is better than automatic, meaning, more intelligent ball battles, less automatic ball-finding)  I hope this is true, and I hope this is not a freeze bug.
  • I understand Brazil has “flexible positioning” in formation setting, but why is Marcelo so comfortable moving into the center of field (to center circle)?  @1:36 @5:41 (!!!)  He moves into CMF!  He wants to play like Lahm/Alves?   Is this too extreme?   Not many attacking fullbacks should move like this without the ball, it is a bit unusual.  Also, he is too comfortable moving there.  Should there be more player ID for restricting freedom in positioning?  Maybe he should feel/look more lost as he moves to the center.  Maybe a stat for “player comfort level” in wrong position also.
  • In this test, clearance without looking or measuring well, will result in losing the ball.  Clearance from defense does not find a player automatically.  I hope there will be no defense –> attack shortcuts for abuse.  @4:14 @4:25 @5:32  I like what I see in this test!
  • @9:39 heavy pass = heavy 1st touch.  I like it.
  • @8:59 missed XX tackle = freeze.  Nice.
  • @9:05 is a delayed pass…same as PES15, but does not occur as often.  I actually want it to be a bad pass whenever this happens.  Passing should require good timing, not by pressing a button 1 second ago, when the context was different.  A bad toe poke at 0 seconds, would be better than a delayed pass 1 second later in an unintended context.

Not sure if I learnt anything from giving opponent space to play.  My defense does seem like it stays as an organized unit.  I wonder what will happen if I press heavily and make defenders leave their assigned positions.

In the next few days, I’ll try to test the game with very unreasonable play styles (bad fouls, running straight into thick defense, passing without looking, pressure without thinking etc etc.).  I want to see if the game punishes me for playing unreasonably.   Testing for game robustness.  Leave me a comment if you want to request me to try something!