Full manual PES16 1v1 human test (test parameters: speedy game)



  • Both players are playing full manual
  • In our last test, we showed the game in slow pace buildup.   In this game, we try to play a bit faster.  Meaning, more pressure, more vertical movements/passing, more running dribbles.  We want to see how the game responds to fast pace playing styles.

comments after playing:

  • When playing fast, the player weight and characteristics is very problematic.  This is our most talked about problem after the game.
    The weight difference between players are not very noticeable.  In fact, they feel all very similar, and all capable of playing the same style, regardless of weight/height.  It almost feels all players are very agile, have very good ball control, and able to beat players with a 1v1 dribble.  They can all turn quick, stop quick from a running stride (no momentum/weight transfer from running—> stop/turn @2:44)We saw collision animation.  While we are happy the collision animation looks nice, the actual physical battle before the collision is not very realistic.  We do not feel like we have ran into a wall, when we use small players to run into big players.  The best way to describe it now, is like two feathers coming together, and then…”plays collision animation”.Then there is also the fact that the collision animation does not happen often.  Because the agility and ball control of all players on the field feels about the same, they are all very capable of dribbling.To demonstrate this, @3:00-3:12  you can see I started the play with my CB, dribble to the side line, pass it to the winger.  They feel very similar to me, they can turn quickly, and ball control is very accurate.  But they should really feel more different, one is a CB, and the other is a winger!  I tried this again @3:28-3:40 .  I was moving my CB comfortably, as if he is a wing player.  I had no problems dribbling anyone.  Perfect control, every touch.

    This make it easy to beat opponents with 1v1 dribbling with any player.  In other words, there are very little opportunities for battle of strength because how easy it is to dribble with any player.  We do not see very many physical battles of strength with players running side-by-side, because all your players have good ball control, so at the end, you don’t need to use the force of your body much to power through.

    All of this, makes every player more responsive, but creates the problem that the big tall players have lost their characteristics of their heaviness (difficulty in maneuvers) and superior physical power.

  • The first touch is showing a lack of variety and complexity when playing faster.  One would expect, with faster game speed, the ball travels faster, and the first touch control of passes should require higher technique, and better timing.But as it turns out, during gameplay, you very, very rarely see any player take more than one touch to control the ball.  Even professionals will need more than one touch to control a difficult ball. Here, even the heavy, lower technique players can control and turn easily.

    You can almost see that the game wants to make this simple.  The game only thinks of first touch = control.  While in reality, first touch = control/bad control/complete miss.  We have what is supposed to be 3 types of first touch outcomes, flattened into only one.For example, @10:12, a VERY powerful pass (full power) is received by the player.   He makes the first touch, the control is high, and the touch is heavy, but the game decides that this first touch is controlled.This is an example where we should instead have a bad control/complete miss.In reality, for many players, this first touch is often messy/not in control, and they need to find the ball and adjust the control with second or even third touch.  Only a very classy player can control it high and heavy, and continue the dribble the next touch, without locating the ball or taking an extra touch.
  • Ball weight is a bit too light, travels too fast, and does not bounce on grass enough.  Few times in the game, the ball movement is so fast that the camera has problems catching up with the view (so does our eyes..).
  • @2:14  @5:29  Camera shakes when keeper is controlling the ball at his feet.
  • @7:31 Super 180 pass, with a lot of power.  Player does not have correct balance, pass should be inaccurate.  In reality, I’ve seen very few players who can pass like this, maybe Shinsuke Nakamura can do this.  Most players would lose balance and fall, or maybe even kick and miss the ball.  This is an example where players are not punished by poor balance/body posture.
  • @10:10     Player acceleration is too exaggerated.  And because players are too weightless,  the stop-and-go actions are also too effective.  Would be nice if all players feel heavier, and more difficult to transfer momentum.

I really hope ball control and agility is exaggerated in this demo, to make it was to play.  It’s quite arcadey at the moment.

All of the above contributes to why we feel the game is so fast.  It is not purely a matter of game speed setting.  Some of the above behavior seems to make the flow of the game faster.  All of this becomes apparent when playing at a fast pace.

And the problem is the fast style is made too simple.  Playing slow does not make you feel more in control, and playing fast does not make you feel more risky.

What I really want to see more is the type of control @13:01, where the player needs to look for the ball after first touch, because the control was not perfect.  More surprising/random first touches from players who are not ready to react (distance too close between passer and receiver;  or pass too powerful), or players who have lower technique.

We’ll continue to test for game robustness the coming week.  Leave us a comment if you have any special requests!